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Bunkerkit, the secure modular enclosure

A highly secure protective enclosure

ETS (Secure Technical Enclosure) Certified secure modular enclosure.

The Bunkerkit is a highly secure modular enclosure intended to serve as a safe or protected area in the event of theft, intrusion or a terrorist attack.

This modular enclosure protects people and property with a very high level of performance.

Commonly called a panic room or a safe room in Anglo-Saxon countries.

Modular & scalable

Tailor-made, rapid installation indoors or outdoors.

The principle of the secure enclosure is simple: secure vertical partitions (panels) and steel ceiling elements are assembled to form an enclosure resistant to attempted break-ins and armed attacks.

Thanks to its spare and separable parts, Bunkerkit can be built in any shape that the user deems optimal, i.e. adapted to the function that is to be attributed to it and to the place in which it will be installed. Its elements can be dismantled (without damage to the element itself or its environment) and reused in another configuration, on another site or for another use.

Tested and certified

From a handgun to a war weapon! Maximum resistance!

  • Anti-burglary certification: EN 1627-1630 class 3, class 4, class 5
  • Bulletproof certification: EN 1522-1523 . FB4 FB6 FB7 (Kalashnikov AK-47)
  • Vault: EN 1143-1 by ECB-S
  • Fincertif banking certification
  • CAMCA accreditation
  • RMET 15 – BPCE

A wide range of applications

  • Bank: vault, cash dispenser, panic room, safe room.
  • Jewellery, watches, goldsmith: protection of valuables, safe room.
  • Industry: protection of high-added-value products.
  • Army. Police. Nuclear site: guard house, safe room, panic room. Against terrorist attacks.
  • Temporary: storage and secure protection of valuables, funds, weapons and works of art.
  • Private: panic room, safe room. Protection of valuables
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