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Fire Vision Glass

Dare to be transparent... and fireproof

The system consists of composite fireproof glass sheets secured by aluminium profiles and thermal separators. In the event of a fire, the intumescent door seals swell and allow the product to provide thermal insulation. Fire and smoke protection shields you from extremely high temperatures for 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes!

  • Smoke-proof, fireproof glass doors
  • Edge-to-edge fireproof glass frames. Aesthetics guaranteed!
  • EI2 30s and EI2 60s
  • 90° edge-to-edge glass fireproof glass frames. Unique!
  • Fireproof glass frames with a thermal cut-off. Thermal insulation guaranteed!
  • Fireproof glass frames with good sound insulation: Interior RW 41 db. Exterior RW 44 db.
  • Smoke-proof, fireproof glass doors
  • High sustainability: C5 class: 200,000 cycles!
  • High-corrosion resistance: Class C4 . Aluminium chassis

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