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According to the Labour and Mines Inspectorate, staff training is compulsory in Luxembourg. We offer our emergency first aid at work course at a very advantageous price. With our latest generation flame generator, PFP is one of the best equipped in Luxembourg for this kind of training.

  • Theoretical course
  • Fire class explanations
  • Emergency first aid at work course
  • Practical training with fire simulator
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Our customer services are available for the annual overhaul of your fire extinguishers of all brands.

Each extinguisher is checked according to a 15-point plan.

We guarantee you high-quality and professional work.

Our qualified DIN Teil 4 technician has 25 years of experience in the field of fire protection.


We offer any type of signage: from the simple pictogram for fire extinguishers or the marking of emergency exits to a large format directional sign.

  • Traffic signs, escape routes, etc.
  • Fire hydrant extinguisher signs
  • All types of road signs

First aid

We provide first aid supplies from major brands:
SÖHNTGEN, HEPP, LEINA-WERKE OR FARMOR (if you prefer to work to the French standard)

  • All our first aid supplies conform to the French Din or NF standards
  • For each profession, we can deliver the right first-aid kit
  • No waste, we replace only expired or opened items
  • Supply of all types of first-aid kits
  • Annual audit

Hydrant control

  • We control flow rates and pressures with a specialised device

Evacuation plan

We can make your evacuation plans and/or response plans.

From DIN A4 to DINA0

From a simple plan on paper to a plan engraved on a PVC plate

  • Analysis, study, supply and installation of evacuation plans with all types of frames
  • Can also be produced on glass or plexiglass

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