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Fire shielding

Our products

All types of fireproof doors.

Fireproof shutters.

Products for shielding of all types of technical equipment (electrical cables, insulated and non-insulated sanitary heating pipes, PP/PE pipes, fireproof dampers).

Fire-protection products for ventilation ducts and cable trays.

Fire-protection products to protect my load-bearing structures (fireproof plates, paint, flocking, etc.)

Fire-protection products for fireproof compartmentalisation: fireproof partitions and ceilings.

Products for decorating elevator cars made of materials that are difficult to ignite.

Fireproof valves, grilles, sleeves, seals and hatches.

Fireproof compartmentalisation for protecting people and property

The purpose of fireproof compartmentalisation is to separate areas at risk of fire in a building (low, medium and high risks).

The higher the risk of fire in the area, the more fire resistant the compartment will be (30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes).

It also depends on the type of building and its height.

Fireproof compartmentalisation, the means used

Fireproof compartmentalisation is done by means of:

  • Fireproof doors, curtains, shutters
  • Fireproof partitions
  • Fireproof ceilings
  • Fireproof shielding

Fireproof doors and hatches

We offer fireproof and smoke-proof doors of all types: metal and wood.

According to ITM requirements: EI 2 30 s, EI 2 60 s, EI 2 90 s, EI 1 30 s, EI 1 60 s, EI 1 90 s.

Doors combining several criteria: acoustics, thermal, burglarproof, armoured.

Doors guaranteed up to 10 years with an opening/closing cycle up to 1,000,000 cycles.

Fireproof sliding doors.

Fireproof curtains and shutters

We provide fireproof and smoke-proof curtains and shutters of all types:

  • Textile
  • Intumescent textiles
  • Metal
  • Fireproof plates
  • etc.

According to ITM requirements: EI 2 30 s, EI2 60 s, EI2 90 s, EI1 30 s, EI1 60 s

Fireproof ceilings and partitions and backdraft fire protection

Of all types in different dimensions, and tailor-made.

Accumulation of thermal and acoustic criteria.

Fire resistance: 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes

Fireproof shielding

At the junction of the fireproof partitions and slabs, the technical aspects will weaken the degree of fire-resistance of those partitions and slabs.

To address this, we use fireproof shielding in a very dense mortar or rock wool treated with an endothermic or intumescent product where the electrical cables, insulated pipes and non-combustible and non-combustible non-insulated pipes are placed.

Fire protection of load-bearing structures

Fire protection of load-bearing structures is essential to ensure the stability of the building.

It is implemented by means of

  • Fireproof plates
  • Rock wool
  • Fireproof paint

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